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Bergen Family Therapy helps you understand how to thrive in a complicated world.

NJ Favorite Kids Doc

Initiated by New Jersey Family magazine, New Jersey Moms have nominated their favorite healthcare professionals. Since 2011, therapists from Bergen Family Therapy have consistently been chosen as “Favorite Kids’ Docs”.

User's Guide

IF ONLY YOUR CHILD CAME WITH A MANUAL! Cutting edge brain research is giving us real answers to those puzzling questions. Here at Bergen Family Therapy we provide answers to many of the most common questions parents ask when raising a child.

Move Forward!

Explore our Resources section which is filled with helpful videos, web articles, books and more. Answers to many of your questions can be found right here. Make sure to check back often for frequent updates.


  • “Throughout life, many people come and go, some leave a mark on us and some just move on. I am so thankful that Marna will be one who will live on with us forever. No words that I write here can fully convey how much Marna has helped my daughter through so many difficult events and tragedies and guided her towards a path of wellbeing. Her compassion and heartfelt concern for My daughter and the well being of our family helped all of us through some extremely difficult and challenging times.” – Father of 2

  • “Marna Lynn is an amazing therapist. She is able to understand your childs needs, connect with your child and rewire their emotional pathways. She gives your child healthy tools to develop. Every child should be blessed with the opportunity to work with her!” – Mother of 2

  • “Marna Lynn is a human being with more compassion and genuine concern for her patients than any other practioner I have ever encountered. There is no limit to her commitment and desire to truly help her patients no matter what it takes. And it all comes from the bottom of her heart because she really cares! That is why she will return calls or send emails all throughout the day and night 7 days a week. She is so dedicated and the most inspiring person I know both personally and professionally. Being a devoted mother herself she totally gets it and my kids absolutely adore her! “ – Mother

  • “Thank you. You are an amazing woman and have made such an incredible difference in not only my life, but the lives of My wife and boys. I don’t know that I would be in the place I am now without all u have done for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Father

  • “Grateful on this holiday for all the work we have done together. It was the best thanksgiving I ever had & hosted!!! Thank you Marna!” – Adult Woman


About Us

Bergen Family Therapy is a full service Infant, Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Family Therapy Center. We are know for the commitment that each therapist makes with their patients. In addition to our extensive training, experience and expertise, we are all trained in the areas of the newest brain research and emotional physiology.