Wonderful talk by Marna Lynn at Comprehensive Women’s Care


Marna Lynn MSW, LCSW spoke at Comprehensive Women’s Care of Paramus last week. Marna shared her methods of merging Love,  Psychology  and  Science to raise thriving babies in the 21st century. Based on epigenetics and secure bonding, her Marna-Methods teach why “Skin to Skin is a Win/Win”, why babies “Held Now, are Happy Later”, and how to keep the love hormones “PODS” (Prolactin, Oxytocin, Dopamine and Seratonin) flowing so that new babies and postpartum moms thrive! Dr. Craig Wiener, midwife Nicolette Gressett, and the wonderful nurses and staff in the practice share Marna’s understanding of the role of brain science in parenting and the belief that information empowers women!

Lisa Donofrio stated “We believe our patient base is made of intelligent, caring people that would love to build a strong foundation for the children of tomorrow.” They asked Marna back to speak to their past and present OB patients about the Marna-Methods.