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Yonit Malina Bio

Yonit Malina is a seasoned clinician who has worked in various schools, university, private practice and clinic settings with children, teens and young adults of various ages as well as their families.

Yonit earned an undergraduate in psychology from Barnard College, a Masters in Clinical Social Work (MSW) from Hunter School of Social Work and a Masters in School Building Leadership (MSBL) from Saint John’s University. Yonit has worked as a School Social Worker in elementary, middle, high school and university settings and was previously the Clinic Director at a therapeutic school for students with learning and emotional challenges. Currently working on a Child Study Team, Yonit is highly skilled at helping children understand their learning styles and manage their school related difficulties and social challenges.

With a Certificate in Child and Adolescent Therapy from Post-graduate Center for Mental Health, Yonit provides therapy and parenting support that addresses a wide range of issues for children and teens facing normal developmental challenges as well as those with special needs. She uses art, play and other creative ways to help children express their feelings and learn to cope adaptively with social and academic pressures as well as societal challenges. Yonit has effectively helped youngsters acclimate to family changes such as divorce, death and remarriage. Yonit has also run social skills groups for many years focused on helping children and adolescents interpret social cues, tolerate frustration, control impulsive tendencies and initiate or improve their interpersonal relationships.