How to Handle Your Child’s BIG Feelings

big-feelingsBergen  Family  Therapy  is  a  practice  that is known for the commitment that each therapist makes with their patient. Those who know us are aware that we are not only ready to be there for our patients during our sessions, but between sessions as well.

Bergen Family Therapy is also on the cutting edge of emotional brain based research within the field of psychotherapy. In addition to our extensive training, experience and expertise, we all have training  within  the  area  of  the  newest brain research and emotional physiology, allowing us to provide the most effective forms of therapy. This combination enables us to gain an understanding into what most infants, children, adolescents and adults need and why.

Bergen Family Therapy helps parents, children and couples make lasting and comprehensive change that often brings growth into many areas of their lives.

Helping your child with non-happy feelings does not mean giving into all their demands.

CHILD“you never let me play”

PARENT“I know you re having so much fun and it’s so hard to stop playing, but we do have to go, once you have your coat on we can make plans to play with Madison for next week.”

“When a child is upset, angry or hurting, the last thing they want to hear is advice, philosophy, or someone’s point of view. That kind of talk only makes them feel worse than before.  Most infuriating of all is when they hear that they have no reason to feel what they are feeling.

Their   internal   reaction  to  most  of these responses is, “forget it… No one understands and nothing’s ever going to get better!” They are often left feeling worse than before.

But let someone really listen, let someone acknowledge their inner pain and give them a chance to talk more about what’s troubling them and they begin to feel less upset, less confused, more able to cope with their feelings and their problem.”

Quoted from “How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk.”