Screenagers Documentary: Marna Lynn Expert Commentator


Invited as an expert commentator Marna Lynn addressed a packed house at the viewing of the “Screenagers” Documentary shown at the Ridgewood Public Library and sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Screenagers addressed the use of digital devices as related to children and the need to find a balance.

Screenagers Documentary: Marna Lynn Expert Commentator

Speaking to the crowd of parents and school age children Ms. Lynn the founder and Director of Bergen Family therapy, opened the discussion by asking some questions and getting some feedback from the children and adults in attendance on the amount of time family members spent on cell phones, computers and video games and whether they believed it interfered with their relationship time. Most all believed it did.

Ms. Lynn with her experience in interpersonal neurobiology was able to offer sound solutions on how to manage the amount of time spent on digital devices and how to negotiate and set limits that everyone can adhere to, including a “Family Screen Time Contract”.

Marna Lynn was excited to see the enthusiastic turn out and believes the conversations afterward can lead to a positive constructive change by understanding the effect the tech world is having on our children’s development and as a community discussing solutions to better manage screen times…for everyone.

Marna Lynn is currently engaged in speaking to audiences as well as tending to her private practice at Bergen Family Therapy in Ridgewood, NJ.

To discuss having Marna Lynn talk at your school, practice or event: 201-378-7389